Boutique Food Photography, Food Styling & Food Communication Studio in Delhi + NCR

THODA STRONG, run by Praerna & Arjun Kartha, is a boutique photography, food styling and communication studio based in Delhi, India. With a fully stocked food photography kitchen and setup, we are perhaps the only photography studio in North India fully geared towards creating imagery of food – in all it’s glory!

Creating imagery of food isn’t as simple as most people imagine. Food created for plating by chefs is intrinsically VERY DIFFERENT from food created to be photographed. To make food look good in a two dimensional image, a food stylist needs to prepare the dish in a way that it’s texture and colours are in focus – and not necessarily it’s taste!

Arjun Kartha

Arjun is a food, hospitality and travel photographer based in New Delhi, India.

With a natural affinity to people, food, nature and travel photography — Arjun loves exploring how an idea can go much beyond just a photograph. With a career in advertising and marketing behind him, Arjun is very comfortable in translating a concept and idea into a tangible visual.

Praerna Kartha

Praerna is a food stylist based in New Delhi, India.

Praerna is a food stylist & photographer based in New Delhi, India.

With a keen eye for colour, texture, composition and style, Praerna started experimenting with food styling when she started taking her blog more seriously.

She enjoys trying various approaches to figure out what makes food look the most appealing to the camera. Making the same-old-dish look brand new and fresh is her favorite challenge and she lives for she satisfaction that it brings her.

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